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Omnichannel help you get information from your customers and give them the best experience.

Omnichannel, for a successful customer experience

Do you know what the real expectations of your customers are? Do you know their journey, their new habits, and what they hope to get out of each purchase? In the current environment, which is marked by intense competition and where the customer is at the heart of every marketing strategy, being able to answer these different questions in the affirmative is essential for companies

Multichannel and omnichannel marketing help you give the best service to your clients.

Multichannel vs. omnichannel: what’s the difference?

The digital revolution of the last few decades is at the heart of the development of a wide variety of increasingly effective new digital tools. Adapting to them and adopting these various technological advances, today’s consumer has greatly evolved, as much in their appropriation of the different products and services offered to them as in their new expectations when it comes to companies. Therefore, the

Organizing private sales is selling directly to your loyal clients.

Private sales: an effective technique for building customer loyalty

Increasingly demanding, today’s consumer is constantly looking for an appreciation of their status as a buyer, special privileges, and a more advanced consideration of their expectations. In such a context, an effective sales strategy requires merchants (both physical and online stores) to get more and more creative – first to convert prospects into customers, then to increase their loyalty. To achieve this, one of the

Events are still a positive and profitable business development strategy

Growing your business with events: still profitable?

An essential activity in traditional business strategies, today, business development takes different forms and makes use of many channels. Indeed, the internet and social media have greatly modified customer behavior, forcing sales teams to adapt to the expectations of customers who are proactive, mobile, and always seeking out innovation. Such evolution naturally calls traditional business development techniques, such as organizing events, into question. Is this

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