CODA technology platform at the service of Hydro-Québec

CODA technology platform at the service of Hydro-Québec

At the start of 2024, Hydro-Québec launched its new Logisvert energy efficiency program to subsidize businesses and consumers wishing to install energy-saving solutions.

Just a few weeks after a relatively low-key launch, the program was already a success, with thousands of applications received by GMI’s agents responsible for processing files, managing calls, e-mails and messages, and issuing and managing cheques.

The particularity of this type of project for a customer relationship center like GMI is the great complexity of the requests and the large volume of highly varied documents (invoices, installation photos, proof of ownership, etc.) which have to be analyzed, filed and documented to guarantee total traceability of every operation and decision taken by the system and by the agents.

Indeed, when we say “system”, we’re referring to our CODA technology, which we use to structure information and carry out automated pre-validations. CODA minimizes the risk of human error and optimizes the time spent analyzing files. Without our CODA platform, we have estimated that agent processing time would increase fivefold.

The success of a grant program depends on its agility, management costs, processes and resources. That’s why GMI provides its clients, like Hydro-Québec, with an innovative technological solution, CODA, to increase the efficiency of administrative support operations, which are essential to the smooth running of these programs.

Developed over the past three years with our partner TechNuCom, specialists in Odoo technology, CODA has recently been made available in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode to large organizations looking to save costs, reduce errors in the management of their customer files and integrate greater agility into the management of these often complex programs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think the cost of managing your files is too high – we may have part of the solution.


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