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GMI: the successful transformation of a Call centre into a Customer Relationship Centre

Since 1998, Groupe Marketing International (GMI) has been helping companies accelerate their growth with a full range of outsourcing services (BPO) such as telemarketing, customer service, call centre, business development, relationship marketing, administrative and logistical support for your operations, specialized digital customer service solutions and much more.

With years of experience in multi-platform customer relations, GMI is today a next-generation multi-channel Customer Relationship Centre, capable of developing, testing and implementing a variety of solutions tailored to each situation.

With more than 100 employees, all based in the greater Montreal area of Quebec, our team has achieved remarkable success through a combination of several key elements:

  • A unique method and approach: customized support to identify your needs in order to help you achieve your objectives, regardless of the size of your project;
  • Unparalleled adaptability: Thanks to our constant flexibility, GMI implements optimized tactics to assist you in your operations;
  • Automation and data processing technologies that enable this flexibility and personalization of the customer relationship; 
  • A deep understanding of your corporate culture: we ensure that we integrate your industry, your challenges, your values and your objectives to deliver a service that meets your requirements;
  • A high value-added experience: thanks to thousands of hours of customer contact in all its forms, our team has acquired the ability to meet all expectations, even in the most complex industries

GMI is, among other things:

  • Customer relationship expertise for consumers (B2C) and businesses (B2B);
  • Integrated and personalized solutions;
  • Managers with extensive expertise in conducting customer contact campaigns;
  • High-level certifications and standards combined with state-of-the-art technologies.

Your team is waiting for you. Our clients deserve attention and results beyond their expectations.


Micheline Durocher


Ms. Durocher is passionate about customer service. Ever since GMI was founded in 1998, she has depended on Québec know-how to build her business. Always going against the flow, she knows how to update and energize her approach in order to stay ahead of the curve.

 In an explosive and exciting way, I look forward to advancing our clients’ interests and having exceptional business relationships with them based on integrity and sharing our common practices. My sole satisfaction is to always exceed your expectations.

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