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About us

Who are we?

Since 1998, Groupe Marketing International has helped businesses accelerate their growth thanks to a full range of outsourcing services such as telemarketing, customer service, call centers, business development, relationship marketing, administrative and logistical support of your operations, specialized digital solutions in customer service, and much more.

Boasting extensive experience in multiplatform customer relations, GMI develops, tests, and implements varied solutions adapted to your situation.

Currently numbering over one hundred employees, our team has been remarkably successful, which can be explained by a combination of several key elements:

A unique method and approach: customized support to identify your needs and help you achieve your goals;

Unparalleled adaptability: the implementation and optimization of tactics to assist with your operations demands a high degree of adaptability and flexibility at all times;

A deep understanding of your corporate culture: your line of business, your challenges and concerns, your values, and your goals are precious ingredients that we use to provide service that lives up to your requirements;

Experience with high added value: thanks to thousands of hours spent dealing with customer contact in all its forms, our strength lies in our team’s ability to meet every expectation, even in the most complex industries.

GMI means, among other things:

Expertise in customer relations aimed at consumers (B2C) and businesses (B2B);

Integrated and personalized solutions;

Managers who possess a great deal of expertise in running customer contact campaigns;

High-level certifications and standards combined with cutting-edge technology;

Your team is waiting for you. Our clients deserve attention and results that go beyond their expectations.

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    Our team

    Ms. Durocher is passionate about customer service. Ever since GMI was founded in 1998, she has depended on Québec know-how to build her business. Always going against the flow, she knows how to update and energize her approach in order to stay ahead of the curve.

    In an explosive and exciting way, I look forward to advancing our clients’ interests and having exceptional business relationships with them based on integrity and sharing our common practices. My sole satisfaction is to always exceed your expectations.

    Joanne Fafard

    Customer Experience Director

    Ms. Fafard has worked with GMI for 18 years. Over the years, she has risen through the ranks. Having carried out over 500 projects, she is recognized as an outstanding project manager while assuming responsibility at the level of business processes.

    Besides my sense of humour, I stand out due to my constant focus on serving my clients well and making sure their projects succeed. Concrete results and the quality of the work carried out are my priorities.

    Ms. Moga has worked with GMI for 4 years. Besides being an analyst on all our projects, she constructs the mathematical model corresponding to each client’s needs in order to optimize the structure between performance and costs.

    Each client is unique to me. My major strength is understanding and adjusting the structure of the projects based on GMI’s daily operations. I find great pleasure in pushing the limits of analysis.

    Éric Boucher

    360° Solutions

    Mr. Boucher has worked with GMI for 2 years as an expert consultant in 360° solutions. With 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, and business technology, he ensures that the best solutions are put forward within the context of your projects. Always up-to-date on the latest innovations and possessing an uncommon business sense, he will add value from the very beginning.

    In my opinion, there’s always room for improvement. When you win, we win.


    • Besides the results, GMI is a strong business partner. Under the direction of Micheline Durocher, for whom no challenge is too great, this dynamic and professional team always manages to look after your needs within impressive timelines. It’s all a matter of measurement, and they have the right tools to make recommendations at the start of your project or anywhere along the way so that your goals are achieved. I highly recommend their services because they take your success to heart!

      Darshna Chetty
      Darshna Chetty
      Brand Manager, Lasik MD
    • Through the availability and involvement of Micheline Durocher, the president of GMI, and the director of operations, Johanne Fafard, and the whole GMI team, we feel like we once again have enthusiastic associates within our company. GMI is a first-rate partner whose interactions with our customers have had a direct impact on the success of our business. Thanks GMI!

      Joémie Michaud
      Marketing Director
    • We’re truly satisfied with GMI’s excellent call handling service. They respond to our customers diligently and efficiently. Using GMI’s services for call processing has greatly simplified the management of our company since we didn’t have to hire additional staff to take calls and manage all these resources as well as their work schedules. Thank you, GMI, for your excellent work!

      Julie Corbin
      Julie Corbin
    • We’ve relied on GMI’s professional service for over 10 years, and we can attest to this company’s professionalism in marketing. Always attentive to our needs and possessing a great deal of expertise in the field of call processing, they were able to develop a personalized service in order to guarantee our complete satisfaction. I strongly recommend GMI for your own company if you’re looking for dynamic and experienced service. If they were able to help us regularly increase our sales, they’ll definitely be able to help you too.

      Pierre Boulé
      Pierre Boulé
      President - General Director, Confort Expert Inc.

    A few of our clients

    GMI is proud to have contributed to the growth of a varied and distinguished clientele for over 17 years!

    GMI: intelligence, efficiency, and profitability at your fingertips