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Retail business and e-commerce


You are in the retail business or e-commerce and you need an experienced partner to help you with your customer service?


What is GMI:

a processing system of the different requests by priorities;

a complete management of emails and tickets;

a personalized follow-up with the clients;

a database always growing and always updated;

data optimization of your company.

What we do is always in line with your objectives, and by extension, the contact with the client is better, in every way.


What’s in for you?

a growing clientele and the loyalty of your clients already satisfied;

communication strategies already in place and reliable, through processes at the cutting edge of technology;

precise tools to measure the performances;

maximized results.

With GMI, your processes will be improved.


What does it imply?

the intervention of a specialist to enhance the relationship with your client;

listening, helping, availability and follow-up with the clients;

a flawless management of your customer file to get a higher conversion rate and to get a lower response time;

an ideal capacity for adaptation and anticipation to deal with fluctuating volumes.

That is all the expertise we will put at your service to attain your business goals.


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