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Administrative and logistical support

Administrative and logistical support you can count on

Responding to your needs is at the heart of our priorities. For that reason, our administrative and logistical support service is completely customized.

Our approach is based on a perfect match between the implemented structure and your business processes.

And that means we:

efficiently handle and manage your documents and data;

generate a detailed operational control and financial report;

analyze the daily operational structure and implement continuous improvements.

Our solutions

With hundreds of thousands of requests processed annually, we have the experience to guarantee quality support at the best cost.

Some of our solutions include:

taking orders;

processing coupons and issuing cheques;

processing online forms;

managing and processing subscriptions;

updating customer records;

and much more!

Why rely on GMI?

Delegate the administrative and logistical portion of your operations And benefit from our teams’ ability to your industry’s specifics regardless of their complexity.

GMI, according to your needs, will:

handle precise tasks and/or implement complete execution solutions (in “fulfillment”);

relieve your organization of a tedious and time-consuming job;

free up precious time that you can spend on your other priorities;

provide lower processing costs and increase productivity.

Do you want to delegate your administrative and logistical support service?

Fill out the application form for a personalized evaluation of your needs. We will contact you as soon as possible.