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Case: Belron Canada

Case: Belron Canada



Customer service management capacity

With over 350 service centers, 1800 employees, and an extensive distribution network across all 10 provinces, Belron Canada is positioned as the Canadian leader in auto glass replacement, repair, and distribution. Looking for a partner that would allow them to guarantee efficient customer service while increasing the number of service hours in western Canada, Belron Canada decided to team up with GMI.

GMI’s Solution


Implemented strategies

Recruit an operational team in under 2 weeks;

Implement a business process tailored to the industry;

Manage confidential information;

Redundant telephone infrastructure;

Connectivity with the Belron Canada CRM (customer relationship management tool);

Multichannel management;

Continuous staff training;



Multichannel customer service
Receiving and processing incoming calls (windshield repair and replacement in the western provinces);

Call processing focused on converting customers;

Data entry on the client’s software platform;

Managing priorities according to the level of urgency generated by each call;

Managing and transmitting appointments to the service centers in question;

Managing and transmitting urgent calls and/or repairs to technicians;

Handling complaints;

Recording every call;

Weekly meetings and follow-up.


The 90-day pilot test exceeded the client’s expectations, Belron Canada and GMI signed a 3-year agreement for the whole of Canada. This success was possible thanks to the exceptional collaboration between the staff of Belron Canada and GMI. Over the course of the first year of the partnership, GMI is expected to handle close to half a million calls and requests.