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Case: Germain Larivière

Case: Germain Larivière


Optimize customer database and Organize VIP events

Germain Larivière, a leading furniture retailer, unsuccessfully tried to optimize its customer database by choosing a telemarketing solution to create VIP events. When their marketing department asked us to come up with an integrated solution that could reach 60,000 people in under 3 weeks, GMI seized the opportunity to demonstrate its great flexibility and its ability to achieve concrete results.

GMI’s solution


Implemented strategies :

Project team;

Cleaning up the database;

Validate phone numbers;

Geographical segmentation by store;

Telephone infrastructure;

CRM (customer relationship management tool);

Electronic confirmation form;

Staff training;

Pilot test of the sample;



Process :

Rigorous monitoring of the personalized invitations, follow-up after the call;

Attendance confirmation before the event;

Send out a confirmation and VIP code;

Daily attendance tracking by the event manager to adjust the necessary resources from the perspective of sales, customer service, food, etc.;

Daily analysis of the results and costs;

Close collaboration with the team responsible for the event up until D Day.


All events are followed by a meeting to maximize results for future operations.

Results of the telemarketing campaign:

Thanks to GMI’s rigorous process, our collaboration guaranteed the success of Germain Larivière’s VIP events by converting over 10,000 people, and financial benefits exceeding management’s expectations.