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The effectiveness of a customer relationship centre depends on its level of automation

The multiplication of communication channels with customers (email, chat, phone, social media, etc.) and their desire to have quickly answers have led to an explosion of information volumes and the need to process them in real time. Conventional ways of customer service management are no longer sufficient. To solve this

Call processing: the importance of a strong call center’s infrastructure

For any company concerned about optimizing the way it handles calls both to and from its customers, implementing strong infrastructure is a major challenge today. Indeed, if the importance of qualified human resources to the different stages of customer relationship management is often mentioned, it’s also essential that you don’t

Customer service: the importance of perceived value

Evolving with the times and the new realities of their environment, the consumer of today is clearly more demanding than ever before. They expect a lot more from their act of purchasing than the simple acquisition of a product or service. Redefining the priorities of businesses, this new normal requires

Multichannel vs. omnichannel: what’s the difference?

The digital revolution of the last few decades is at the heart of the development of a wide variety of increasingly effective new digital tools. Adapting to them and adopting these various technological advances, today’s consumer has greatly evolved, as much in their appropriation of the different products and services

Customer service: 3 foolproof communication techniques

Customer service quality should be a major concern for any company that cares about its brand image and its market competitiveness. Indeed, while a good marketing strategy is essential for developing your presence and acquiring customers, being able to meet expectations and maintain a good satisfaction level is essential for

Customer service quality in crisis management: the advantages of a call centre

Whether it’s during the holidays, sales, or any other period involving a spike in traffic, commercial enterprises are generally faced with special needs with regard to customer service. Indeed, the sporadic influx of interactions, prospects, and customers on these occasions imposes certain operational constraints, particularly with regard to front office

7 Tips to a Successful Customer Experience

Customers are increasingly demanding and volatile, so ensuring their loyalty and retention is a daily challenge for any business. To stand out from the competition, businesses must make sure their customers enjoy an exceptional experience. A study conducted by Forbes Insight indicated that the two strategic priorities for company executives

3 stages of value creation to become indispensable to your customers

GROWTH… WITH THE RIGHT CUSTOMERS? You need customers who will add value to your products. What value do you offer ? Products/services orientation, We teach our sales teams that they need to have a thorough understanding of our products and services. They learn the essential characteristics and the advantages that

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