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Case: Hydro solution

Case:  Hydro solution

Customer service management and distribution

A subsidiary of Confort Expert, HydroSolution is positioned as the standard for turnkey rental and sales services in its field of business. With over 200,000 customers, HydroSolution was seeking an exceptional partner..

Seeking a strong partner to look after the outsourcing of its numerous customer contacts, HydroSolution naturally settled on GMI to carry out this task.

GMI’s Solution


Implemented strategies:

Project team;

Redundant telephone infrastructure;

Contingency plan for the client in case of disaster;

Connectivity with the HydroSolution CRM (customer relationship management tool);

Multichannel contact management;

Continuous staff training;



Multichannel customer service

Receiving and processing incoming calls and emails (customers and technicians on the road, for the whole of Québec);

Call processing focused on converting customers;

Outgoing calls for tracking tickets;

Data entry on the client’s software platform;

Managing priorities according to the levels of urgency generated by each call;

Managing and transmitting tickets to the relevant person;

Managing and transmitting urgent calls and/or repairs to the technicians;

Recording every call;

Weekly meeting and follow-up.


Since the beginning of their partnership with HydroSolution, GMI has been able to implement complete and innovative solutions in terms of commitment, flexibility, and proactiveness. As proof of their satisfaction, HydroSolution renewed their agreement with GMI in 2016 for nearly 10 consecutive years of partnership.