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Middle-aged man holds telephone while woman screams at it

Customer service in crisis management: 4 good reasons to rely on an external call center

The holiday season, Black Friday, seasonal sales, or even back to school – these are some of the special periods or events that grab the full attention of managers of commercial enterprises every year. However, while these occasions are particularly favourable to raking in exceptional profits, they are also quite often periods of stress and internal tension. Indeed, given the stakes, and due to the

Determined businessman talking on red phone handset

Incoming calls: how to handle customer expectations

The way a company handles its incoming calls is an excellent indicator of its values and performance. Indeed, even if – in the wake of the internet boom and the democratization of certain messaging applications – there are now many ways to communicate online, the telephone remains an essential tool and is still the method most often used by the majority of customers who want

call centres increase customer loyalty

The Call Centre: Your Secret Weapon to Customer Loyalty

Some would like to see it die, and yet, the call centre is very much alive and its positive impact on customer loyalty is more real than ever. The fact is that call centres are evolving to the pulse of technological innovations and the needs of consumers. However, it remains the most efficient (and cost-effective) means for a business to ensure customer loyalty, regardless of

Omnichannel help you get information from your customers and give them the best experience.

Omnichannel, for a successful customer experience

Do you know what the real expectations of your customers are? Do you know their journey, their new habits, and what they hope to get out of each purchase? In the current environment, which is marked by intense competition and where the customer is at the heart of every marketing strategy, being able to answer these different questions in the affirmative is essential for companies

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