The Call Centre: Your Secret Weapon to Customer Loyalty


Some would like to see it die, and yet, the call centre is very much alive and its positive impact on customer loyalty is more real than ever.

The fact is that call centres are evolving to the pulse of technological innovations and the needs of consumers. However, it remains the most efficient (and cost-effective) means for a business to ensure customer loyalty, regardless of its size.


On the one hand, the call centre is to some extent the door to your business: Your customers must first enter that door to contact you.

On the other hand, your call centre employees enjoy daily interactions with your customers. Thanks to this communication, they record a great deal of information that is crucial to your business and to your strategic decisions.

The Human Touch is Critical

Today’s consumers are independent, informed and resourceful. They can perform searches online and their mobile devices have become their personal assistants.

For certain questions however, especially in the event of problems or claims, speaking with a human being may make all the difference. No matter what we may believe, the 100% self-service era is not here yet!

As e-commerce becomes the new way of shopping and the number of service people keeps dropping, the call centre seems to be the last bastion of human interaction and an essential factor in reassuring consumers.

Building Relationships

To propose a successful customer experience, shouldn’t businesses also aim higher for their call center? By building a fully trained and skilled team that will quickly understand the caller’s situation and efficiently react to provide assistance.

Keep in mind that a person who enjoys a positive experience with your customer service will become your best ambassador.

When searching for a brand name or a company on an Internet browser, the first results often appear to be consumer feedback. If your call centre agents can provide a solution and real support to your customers, then you have gained their loyalty for quite a while.

As Alexandre Taillefer said during the recent Sommet du commerce de détail this past March 22 and 23 in Montreal, “the key to being successful in business is building relationships”. That’s exactly what call centres know how to do better than any other department in your business.

In this respect, they can be the element that makes your organisation stand out in terms of customer loyalty.

Are you looking for a partner to give your customers a great experience and to increase your brand loyalty ?

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