Omnichannel, for a successful customer experience


Do you know what the real expectations of your customers are? Do you know their journey, their new habits, and what they hope to get out of each purchase? In the current environment, which is marked by intense competition and where the customer is at the heart of every marketing strategy, being able to answer these different questions in the affirmative is essential for companies that aspire to lasting growth.

And while the time has come for massive digitization and the all-out development of innovative communication tools, achieving this requires not only mastering each of the many current points of contact, but also ensuring effective interconnectivity between them. That’s essentially what omnichannel, which has optimal customer satisfaction as its primary goal, is all about. But how does it all work?

The consumer evolves; so does their behavior and expectations

Today, the vast majority of individuals use the web to look for products, find out more about them, and compare them before buying them, still in physical stores for the most part.

As an example, a user interested in a given product that they’ve seen (or glimpsed) an ad for on TV will use their cell phone to visit the merchant’s online store and compare prices.

The user will then fill out a contact form and communicate with their customer service team via chat before deciding whether or not to purchase directly on their laptop or in stores. Throughout this journey, the customer uses several different channels and devices, but also performs actions and expresses needs, which they expect, at the end of the process, to be met as completely as possible.

For the modern business, the challenge is therefore twofold: ensuring their presence on the wide variety of channels used (points of sale, TV, radio, internet and social media, mobile devices, landlines, etc.) and making the most of the information gathered from these different channels, in the aim of better understanding the consumer and optimizing the customer experience.

Omnichannel: what you need to know

In the customer path outlined above, as in any online buying process, the deployment of an omnichannel strategy must allow the business to gather, at each step, essential information concerning the profile and expectations of the consumer and to interact effectively with them in order to increase engagement and conversion rates, in addition to ensuring a consistent experience, regardless of the channel used.

That may cover various aspects and involve different actions.

For example:

– During the prospection phase (email strategies, lead magnets, etc.): sort through the different types of prospects, identify the ones who are motivated to buy, and make this information available to the sales team;

– When the prospect visits the online shop on their cell phone: ensure an ergonomic presentation of your offerings, identify the product(s) that attract(s) the visitor’s interest, do their shopping cart available on the other channels in case the purchase is not made immediately, and answer any questions they may have (via live chat, for example);

– After the purchase: ensure the customer’s satisfaction, remain available, collect their possible complaints and claims, increase their loyalty, and make them an ambassador.

As you can see, the customer is at the heart of the whole process. Similarly, the omnichannel strategy implies a common approach shared by the various representatives of the company at each point of contact with the customer. Everything is done to ensure a lasting business relationship.

Switch to omnichannel with GMI

Of course, implementing such a strategy requires more than just tools; it also requires partners with solid expertise in customer service and these processes.

To take this step effectively and incorporate all the components necessary for achieving fast results, find a company that can help you in this area through their truly Customer Experience-oriented corporate culture and their solutions suited to the specifics of your target and your business.

You want to learn more about how omnichannel marketing can help you get better results?

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