MRC Les Moulins: a perfect example of adaptability


Tailored customer service

Groupe Marketing International is very happy to announce its new mandate with MRC Les Moulins to offer relational customer service for public transportation users in this region.

The MRC already had an internal customer service department, but considering the current population growth, the directors wanted to make sure that top-quality service was being provided to their citizens.

Significant increase = adjustment

With the increase in the population, public transportation services have drastically expanded over the last few years. The increase in the volume of requests as well as the increase in technological demands made the MRC realize that it had to make some changes. It thus found a business partner, GMI, to support it in developing a new strategy for its customer service.

As Ms. Micheline Durocher, the president of GMI, explains, “Groupe Marketing International’s role in this mandate is to provide relevant information that will allow our client to adapt to the needs of its customers.” GMI assists its client in gathering relevant information so it can analyze it and then take concrete steps. The goal of this exercise is to improve relational customer service for the MRC’s public transportation users.

Everything for its customers

Since the requests were becoming increasingly numerous, it was the perfect time for the municipality to act. “These people are proud of their region and its development. The municipality wants to lead the way, and their culture makes them advance at the speed of light,” noted Ms. Durocher.

MRC Les Moulins, growing exponentially

Located in the Lanaudière region, this municipality serves the City of Terrebonne and the City of Mascouche. It has been growing rapidly over the last few years. The population has increased 23.8% between 2006 and 2012, surpassing 150,000 residents. 63% of the population is between 20 and 64 years old, and are therefore part of the workforce.

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