Tips for developing your client base!


Potential or active clients — both are worth your time


Groupe Marketing International offers different ways to develop your business, whether for active or prospective clients.  Joanne Fafard, customer experience director at GMI, takes pleasure in sharing ideas to help you succeed and develop a new area or even increase the potential of your active customers.


Make the president speak!

If you have a special invitation or a specific launch, why not send a personalized message to your potential clients given by the president of the company? The impact on the target is huge and the results are positive. Even if it’s a pre-recorded message, customers always greatly appreciate the attention.


Upgrade the systems already in place

Do you have a phone system and a hold function? Why not use that to promote your latest product or a special offer? Thus, in addition to informing your potential customers, you get your message out there. You can also monitor which request type is made most often over the phone and record a message to respond more quickly to your clients.


Say “thank you!”

Let’s say you’re a non-profit organization and your primary source of income comes from donations. Why not reactivate inactive donors by contacting them by phone and thank them for having formerly contributed to your success? Take this opportunity to talk about your current goals and seek their support. Offer them a simple monthly withdrawal that will also make a real difference for you.


Need support?

GMI specializes in supporting its clients in their business development. Whether that means helping you organize an event, launch a product, or make calls to your customers, we do everything to make sure our efforts pay off for you.


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