Call centers : the importance of offering more


A remote customer relationship management tool, a call center is often the first interface between the company and its external environment. As such, it actively contributes to the construction and development of the corporate image, from first contact through the various stages of the customer experience.

Today, as more and more business leaders are devoting serious efforts and more substantial portions of their budgets to optimizing the customer experience, call centers are thus finding themselves at the forefront. These days, satisfying the customer is no longer enough; you have to offer them an optimized experience.

Making and receiving calls, but that’s not all!

The primary role of a call center is making sure that a company’s calls are properly handled. Within this context, they generally look after receiving incoming calls (answering calls, service over the phone, technical support, etc.) but may also conduct various campaigns that involve making calls (telemarketing, polls, satisfaction surveys, etc.) on behalf of the company. In either case, they put the expertise of a trained and equipped team to work to achieve the goals assigned to them, both with regard to the volume to be handled and to the quality of service provided. In the specific case of outsourced customer service, for example, the call center not only ensures reception and attentiveness to the customers, but also makes sure that appropriate responses are provided to their various requests or that the calls are redirected, depending on the case. In addition, at the end of each call, a qualification of the records is carried out to ensure quality monitoring. To that must be added the production of accurate statistics, which may prove very useful for improving the overall quality of the company’s products or services. All these factors confer on the call centre responsibilities and obligations that often go well beyond its basic functions.

Because the company is you!

Whether located within the company or outsourced, call centers are increasingly becoming somewhat separate from the companies for which they perform their services. In the customers’ eyes, though, there’s generally no difference between the agents at the company who respond to them and those at the call center. In any case, that’s how it should be. To that end, in the course of their business, advisors and distance sellers are expected to totally immerse themselves in the commercial offerings of the company they represent, as well as its values. Not being able to respond satisfactorily to customer requests can in fact negatively impact the company’s image. Likewise, any inadequate response will necessarily have repercussions on the image conveyed by the business. As a leading contact point, a call center should therefore always strive to maintain the brand image of the company it represents while always providing service quality in line with the demands of the customers and – more broadly – the target audience.

The customer experience and its new requirements

The recent development of new communication technologies, the rise of social networks, and the strong competition present in many lines of business are some of the factors that have contributed to the birth of a new type of customer who is willing to spend much more than before but who is also more demanding. In the wake of this, customer relationship management as originally conceived has greatly evolved and been enriched with new tools and new concepts such as customer experience. Nowadays, the customer no longer just wants you to respond to them, but also to support them, suggest solutions for them, acknowledge them, and offer them something more. And to construct this kind of unparalleled experience, the call center is still in the best position to assist you.

For all these reasons and more, Groupe Marketing International offers solutions tailored to your needs. We understand the importance of added value when it comes to customer service from a call center, and we therefore help you stand out from the competition – no doubt about it.

Speak with an expert about outsourcing your operations. GMI offers you its skills and flexibility to bring you concrete results.

Micheline Durocher


Groupe Marketing International


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