6 tips for successfully setting up a meeting


Calling prospective clients with the goal of getting a meeting is a difficult task. But it’s an important step in building a lasting relationship and developing your business.

Landing a meeting with a prospect means getting another shot at convincing them that your products / services meet their needs. If the client has any doubts about this, the meeting will be the perfect opportunity to dispel them.

But first you have to get that precious tête à tête… Here are a few tips to make sure the odds are in your favour.

Be prepared to land the meeting

No, it’s not pointless to repeat that you have to be totally pumped up before calling a prospect.

Being comfortable on the phone and not stuttering or losing your words is the basis. And it’s even more crucial if you’re on the line with a busy speaker who doesn’t have time to waste on a rambling call.

Being clear and concise is essential during your calls. If needed, write up a sales pitch containing keywords that should be inserted into the conversation.

Make sure you’re talking to the right person

What could be more frustrating than making a great sales pitch only to find out that you’ll have to repeat it to someone else?

Make sure you’re talking to a decision-maker at the company by forcing your way through the barriers of the switchboard or the assistant.

It’s already hard enough to make a good impression on the phone in just a few minutes – and sometimes even a few seconds – so save your efforts for the right speakers!

Educate yourself

About the company you’re contacting, about the vocabulary specific to their line of business, about their particular needs, about their past and present suppliers… The goal? Show your prospect that you know a bit about them and their company.

That will score you some brownie points and prove that your company is serious and professional, and therefore trustworthy.

Take your time

Of course, you have to go fast, be specific, and get right to the point so you don’t waste your speaker’s precious time. But at the same time: don’t start the conversation by talking about what you have to sell.

Know how to listen to your prospect: a few questions are enough to figure out what’s important to them and how familiar they are with your products and services. This information will be useful when it comes time to emphasize the relevance of your offer.

Be flexible

While it’s true that your speech should be clearly defined (especially the sales pitch), always remain open to changes.

Don’t hesitate to adjust your pitch based on the information you received at the beginning of the conversation: personalized contact and a human touch is far more important and effective than reciting each point of your pitch.

Along the same lines, offer several time slots when setting up the meeting, and mention the possibility of having a videoconference or even speaking again on the phone for longer if your speaker has significant scheduling constraints.


Setting up a meeting may be a painstaking task, but persevere and keep smiling. That even applies when you’re on the phone. Sympathy attracts sympathy!


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Micheline Durocher

President, GMI



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