The call center: a strategic tool suited to its industry


Born of the ever-growing needs of companies in terms of their interactions with their external environment, a call center offers a varied range of solutions that let a company better manage its relationships with its customers, its business partners, as well as the various components of its environment. The democratization of the internet and the emergence of new e-marketing solutions have also helped reinforce their importance in the growth and retention strategies put in place by businesses today. But what is the real appeal of the call center? How can it serve the modern industry?

The call center: in whose interest is it?

Whether for managing relationships with customers or exchanges with other professionals, on a permanent or occasional basis, the industrial firms of today are forced to maintain frequent phone contact with their external environment. In this context, a call center lets you optimize call management by devoting the required skills to meeting needs in this area. This can be done by professionalizing the company’s internal resources or simply by outsourcing the service. In either case, the expertise and the material resources of specialists in the call center business are required.

A wide range of services

Whether general or specialized, oriented towards businesses (B2B) or individuals (B2C), call centers these days include the vast majority of industries and offer a multitude of services. Practically speaking, we can group these into two main categories: services offered for outgoing calls and those related to incoming calls.

With regard to outgoing calls, call centers can, on behalf of the company, conduct telemarketing campaigns, carry out quality control surveys, promote events, or set up business meetings.

As for incoming calls, they can generally take care of technical or administrative support and handle customer requests and complaints (online customer service). After-sales services (customer service or technical support), taking orders, or providing information to people calling the toll-free numbers are also among the tasks performed by call centers that receive calls.

A strategic decision-making tool

Carried out by professionals specifically trained for each campaign, the different missions of the call centers are part of the overall remote customer relationship management process. Through the processes established based on the needs of the business, they are thus involved in maximizing results for the company, but also in providing managers with useful data for decision-making. Indeed, good qualification of the calls – both incoming and outgoing – lets you, for example, adjust certain strategies and align them with the real needs expressed by the target.

Custom solutions

Unlike what some might believe, the services of a call center aren’t only meant for strictly commercial enterprises or those providing services to consumers. Indeed, in the current climate, where information management is a real daily struggle, all industrial sectors are concerned. Of course, the solutions offered aren’t identical and adapt themselves as much as possible to the specific demands of each line of business and to the particular needs expressed by each company.

The know-how and technology of a call center can thus provide exciting advantages for modern businesses that want to optimize relationships with their customers and partners. That’s assuming, however, that you’re using the services of experienced and well-equipped professionals capable of offering you solutions truly suited to the needs of your business.

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Micheline Durocher

President, Groupe Marketing International


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