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The Call Centre: Your Secret Weapon to Customer Loyalty

Some would like to see it die, and yet, the call centre is very much alive and its positive impact on customer loyalty is more real than ever. The fact is that call centres are evolving to the pulse of technological innovations and the needs of consumers. However, it remains

Call centers : the importance of offering more

A remote customer relationship management tool, a call center is often the first interface between the company and its external environment. As such, it actively contributes to the construction and development of the corporate image, from first contact through the various stages of the customer experience. Today, as more and

Customer service: 3 foolproof communication techniques

Customer service quality should be a major concern for any company that cares about its brand image and its market competitiveness. Indeed, while a good marketing strategy is essential for developing your presence and acquiring customers, being able to meet expectations and maintain a good satisfaction level is essential for

Customer service quality in crisis management: the advantages of a call centre

Whether it’s during the holidays, sales, or any other period involving a spike in traffic, commercial enterprises are generally faced with special needs with regard to customer service. Indeed, the sporadic influx of interactions, prospects, and customers on these occasions imposes certain operational constraints, particularly with regard to front office

Emotional Commitment: How to Create a Strong Bond with your Customers

Hyper-connected, resourceful and well informed, customers are also highly solicited. To set themselves apart, brands need to create a long-lasting bond with its customers, encourage dialogue and engage them emotionally.   An emotional connection is a strong bond between two entities. A business must be able to create this long-lasting,

7 Tips to a Successful Customer Experience

Customers are increasingly demanding and volatile, so ensuring their loyalty and retention is a daily challenge for any business. To stand out from the competition, businesses must make sure their customers enjoy an exceptional experience.   A study conducted by Forbes Insight indicated that the two strategic priorities for company

6 tips for strategic incoming calls management

Managing incoming calls is a real challenge for any company that cares about its image and its relations with its external environment. How these calls are handled is indeed often a deciding factor in the initial evaluation of the customer experience. In order to optimize this contact that – it

The call center: a strategic tool suited to its industry

Born of the ever-growing needs of companies in terms of their interactions with their external environment, a call center offers a varied range of solutions that let a company better manage its relationships with its customers, its business partners, as well as the various components of its environment. The democratization of the

How to increase the quality of your database!

There are still too many businesses that don’t analyze the quality of their CRM data on a regular basis and yet, it is because of small errors that businesses end up processing erroneous or obsolete information. The quality of your customer relationship is closely linked to the quality of your database.

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