How to increase the quality of your database!


There are still too many businesses that don’t analyze the quality of their CRM data on a regular basis and yet, it is because of small errors that businesses end up processing erroneous or obsolete information. The quality of your customer relationship is closely linked to the quality of your database. It’s a critical tool for your sales and marketing teams; the data contained needs to be accurate, up-to-date and unique.

To make sure your CRM is usable and functional for your teams, here are a few tips you should know.

1. Look out for Entry Errors

Typos or spelling mistakes, excess or missing spaces, misreported telephone numbers… Errors are human, but if they can be avoided, it will be better for your database.

Brief your call centre teams or your people on the floor to make sure they are paying attention when entering customer information.

Check with the consumer, have them repeat and even spell if needed, repeat the information to confirm accuracy; all of these little reflexes seem insignificant, but will save your database users lots of time.

2. The Hunt for Double Entries

This is one of the most frequent database errors found. Although a double entry may seem insignificant, it may have serious repercussions on your business.

Why? Because contacting a potential lead too many times may only result in his or her annoyance and probably push them toward the competition.

Furthermore, if a prospect asks to be removed from your database but has been entered several times, your business will probably contact him or her again. Professionally speaking, this does look good.

3. Structure your Database

Indentify entry fields using very precise names. For example, does the “Amount” box correspond to the amount before or after taxes? It’s a detail of course, but can change the context.

If needed, develop directions for use for the people who use your database.

4. Regular Monitoring

As previously stated, error is human. Besides making sure there is a limit on odd numbers, think about conducting frequent checks of your database to keep it updated as much as possible.

This can be done several different ways, such as:

  • Confirm customer information when the opportunity arises;
  • Regularly remove double entries from your database using Excel;
  • Using Excel, delete extra or misplaced spaces;
  • Delete dormant addresses;
  • Once a year, review your data management process to correct any issues.

If you’re looking to increase the quality of your database, please contact us.

Micheline Durocher


Group Marketing International


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