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Events are still a positive and profitable business development strategy


Sep 2017

Growing your business with events: still profitable?

An essential activity in traditional business strategies, today, business development takes different forms and makes use of many channels. Indeed, the internet and social media have greatly modified customer behavior, forcing sales teams to adapt to the expectations of customers who are proactive, mobile, and always seeking out innovation. Such evolution naturally calls traditional business development techniques, such as organizing events, into question. Is this

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i have less you have more


Oct 2016

Call centers : the importance of offering more

A remote customer relationship management tool, a call center is often the first interface between the company and its external environment. As such, it actively contributes to the construction and development of the corporate image, from first contact through the various stages of the customer experience. Today, as more and more business leaders are devoting serious efforts and more substantial portions of their budgets to

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Businessman touching email icon on a virtual screen.


Oct 2016

5 steps for successful email management

Among the tasks considered to be the most time-consuming by today’s managers and business leaders, email management regularly figures prominently. Indeed, between internal email exchanges with colleagues, external exchanges, advertising, spam, and all the rest, the time devoted to email can quickly become excessive. Besides the time that this requires, properly managing your email is also essential for any manager who wants to reach their

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Determined businessman talking on red phone handset


Oct 2016

Incoming calls: how to handle customer expectations

The way a company handles its incoming calls is an excellent indicator of its values and performance. Indeed, even if – in the wake of the internet boom and the democratization of certain messaging applications – there are now many ways to communicate online, the telephone remains an essential tool and is still the method most often used by the majority of customers who want

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