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Pharmaceutical industry

Happy mid adult female pharmacist conversing on headset in pharmacy

You’re in the pharmaceutical industry and looking for a trusted partner to manage relations with your customers and business partners.

Our team’s ability to listen and our skills go a long way towards bringing a crucial and delicate touch to a sector as sensitive as yours.

Our employees undergo specialized training and have a deep understanding of the products to be able to provide complex yet fully understandable information to your customers.


GMI has the proactive approach and precision you’re looking for:

call, email and ticket management;

perfectly mastered tools and implementation processes;

requests to be processed in a proactive manner.


GMI guarantees:

prioritization that lets you detect and deal with emergencies;

attention, support, responsiveness, and availability at all times;

personalized service at the height of your industry’s complexity;

constant analysis and optimization of the existing structure.


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